The project includes a series of training, information and advocacy activities aimed at different target groups that in various capacities play an important role in soil management. These include public administrations at national and local level, political decision makers at international and national level, farmers, professionals and citizens. Core activities include:

  • Awareness campaign for public administrations. It provides for the activation of a permanent consultation group for institutional stakeholders in order to improve the governance of national and local decision-making processes with regard to soil. The work of the group will lead to the drafting of a White Book for the Government and relevant Ministries and for the Charter of principles for sustainable soil use for local administrations.  The action also includes the adaptation and dissemination of a tool for the evaluation of costs for ecosystem services developed by ISPRA within the scope of the LIFE SAM4CP project.
  • Regional Soil Consumption Observatories. Anticipates the activation of at least 10 Regional Observatories to monitor soil consumption. The main task of these Observatories will be the initiation of technical meetings to compare the various regional competences to support soil consumption monitoring activities and sustainable planning for the region.
  • Awareness campaign for farmers. It involves the implementation of a participatory process for the implementation of voluntary guidelines for farmers on the conservative agronomic practices of the soil resource and their dissemination through a series of seminars throughout the national territory.
  • Awareness campaign for technicians/professionals. Involves the creation of specific voluntary guidelines for the protection of the soil aimed at professionals (architects, engineers, surveyors, agronomists and foresters, geologists, etc.) and their dissemination through a series of training courses with the supply of Professional Training Credits.
  • National and international campaign aimed at citizenship and civil society organisations to promote the adoption by European policy makers of measures to protect the soil.
  • Pilot action 1 – Reduction of soil sealing in the Rome region. This is a pilot action on the topic of sealing at the Municipality of Rome that will lead to the drafting of a Municipal Permeability Plan and a New General Building Regulation that will be submitted to the City Council for approval by the end of the project.
  • Pilot action 2 Maintenance/reconstitution of the organic substance of agricultural soils in the Lombardy Region. Involves the creation of two management plans for the soils of farms based on conservation and/or increase in organic matter and monitoring/evaluation of indicators.
  • International campaign. The action aims to strengthen the capacity building of European youth organisations to help them develop awareness campaigns on the importance of soil protection and management.
  • Communication and dissemination. Making the contents and aims of the project known to the general public. In particular, the action includes: project branding, design and development of information and promotional materials, creation of the project website and social media and media relations.
  • Networking and replicability. The purpose of the action is to facilitate the exchange of experiences with other LIFE projects focusing on soil issues and to promote the replicability of the Soil4Life approach by other institutions, both institutional and otherwise, in Italy and in Europe.